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24 Apr Best WordPress Appointment Plugins

Due to the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) pandemic, many businesses are forced to close their brick-and-mortar stores and transition dealings online. Employers are now asking able employees to work from home to limit physical contact with their co-workers and to limit the spread of the disease.

However, it’s not just multi-national or big corporations that can move their businesses online. Consultants, life coaches, yoga instructors and other services can also benefit from e-commerce.

If you have a consulting agency, online tutor, life coach or work in a similar industry, you don’t only need a website to be accessible to your clients; you also need an appointment plugin to manage bookings, appointments and reservations.

Ecommerce store owners who use WordPress as their platform are in luck because we have some appointment plugins to recommend to help make your business run smoother.

HubSpot’s Meeting Scheduling Tool

Remind people about their appointments using a personalized booking link from you using a HubSpot’s meeting scheduling tool. This tool is part of  HubSpot’s WordPress plugin, which also gives you access to other HubSpot tools including HubSpot CRM, so it’s even easier for you to keep track contacts who are booking meetings with you.

When somebody schedules a meeting with you using the link, it will automatically be added to your calendar and pushed through the CRM.

This plugin integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar in order to make the appointment setting easier.

Accuity Scheduling

Give clients more control over their booking and scheduling with Accuity Scheduling plugin. Here are a few of its highlights:

  • Easy integration with some payment portals.
  • Booking, canceling, and rescheduling is entirely in the hands of clients.
  • New clients are prompted to fill up an intake form so before they can control their scheduling and save you time in collecting all this information during the appointment.
  • Calendars that can auto-adjust to different time zones.
  • Send branded confirmation and reminder messages so that customers won’t forget about their appointments.
  • Upsell opportunities like branded gift cards, memberships and group class passes.
  • Analytics for calculating projected earnings with ability to identify issues with no-shows or repeat cancellations.

Booking Calendar

If you prefer a quick and easy reservation system, Booking Calendar is a good choice. It integrates directly to WordPress admin and works with a variety of scheduling types.

Book events, equipment rentals, meetings, hotel and airline reservations, and more. What we like about this plugin is that it is easy to use because it simplifies the process of making a reservation.


If you want total control of a booking system but don’t want a cumbersome tool that users will struggle with, Booked is the right app for you. This plugin simplifies the reservation process into a single calendar widget.

Users basically interact with a calendar where they can receive information on open slots, and then create their appointments.

Here are some app highlights:

  • Users don’t have to register to make an appointment. Those who do, however, get their own profile page where they can manage everything.
  • Request appointment pre-payments and set them up to be processed through WooCommerce.
  • Appointment bookings can be managed by individual team members, so you don’t have to hire one person to manage all of your company’s appointments.
  • Customizable calendar colors.

Bookly Pro

Bookly Pro is a paid plugin with the following features:

  • Customizable form builder.
  • Bookings for individuals or groups.
  • Email or SMS notifications are enabled.
  • Schedule flexibility includes time padding, varying appointment durations, days off, and more.
  • Customer-facing scheduler looks great and is both responsive and intuitive, complete with easy-to-follow breadcrumb steps.

Bottom Line

These scheduling and booking apps are also ideal for developers, marketers, travel agencies, restaurants, physicians, beauty health and wellness and service professionals like accountants, lawyers etc.  Basically, any business online that needs to fill seats will benefit greatly from an automated app that can help them schedule and book appointments easier.

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