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16 Jul Best WordPress Plugins And Tools For SEO

Most websites are dependent on search engines for traffic. This is why SEO is important for websites. Having a good looking website is useless if nobody goes there. Without traffic, your website will have no visitors, engagement and even sales.

WordPress website owners need to take charge of their SEO. Luckily plugins can take care of that for you. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins and tools for SEO.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

There’s a reason why Yoast is one of the most downloaded plugin of for SEO. It’s a comprehensive solution for all your on-site SEO needs.

Some features include allowing you to add SEO title, meta description, and meta keywords to each post and page of your site. Title customization for main site, archives, category and tag pages is also available. it also lets you add Open Graph meta data, Twitter Cards, Sitemaps and ping search engines whenever you update your site.

SEM Rush

The Pros use SEM Rush to gather analytics and insights from their competitor’s to help improve their own SEO.

SEM Rush can tell you which organic keyword to rank for, sites to get backlinks from, insights to your competitor’s SEO strategy and many more.

This plugin is not free; it’s a paid subscription used by thousands of professionals because it provides a wealth of data.

Google Keyword Planner


Nobody better than Google can tell you which keywords people use for searching on the internet. This is why the Google Keywords Planner is a good tool for SEO.

Best of all, this tool is free. You can use this to find keywords to bid on for your paid advertising campaign and choose the right keywords by showing them an estimate of search volume, number of results, and difficulty level.

Bloggers and content marketers can use this tool for finding keywords with high search volume, high advertiser interest and keywords that use to outrank all other sites.

KeywordTool is not only free, it’s one of the best research tools available right now. It allows you to generate keyword ideas just by typing in a keyword. These keywords are gathered into Google’s auto suggest feature.

These keywords suggestions are very handy. This treasure trove of information suggests keywords based on how often a keyword is used for the search. This lets you access the top most results are the most frequently searched terms on Google for that particular keyword.

Open Site Explorer


The Open Site Explorer plugin is developed by Moz and is a free tool that lets you check data for any domain name. You can see who is linking to that address and what anchor text they are using. It has a wealth of information like top pages, linking domains, which pages are linked on your site, etc.

It’s free to use but has a limitation on daily search per user.

SEO is one of the best ways to make sure that your website gets found by the right people. Therefore, making sure that your WordPress site is getting traffic from search engines should be a priority for website owners.

Alternatively, a Sydney WordPress Designer can give you a SEO optimized website that is search engine friendly.

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