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06 Dec Earning Money In WordPress

Creating content for your blog can be fun. However, creativity can be stunted if you’re always worried about money. Many bloggers run ads on their site; but for many the revenue isn’t enough. Top contributors and bloggers sustain their business by building reliable income streams and contribution.

Luckily, WordPress has come up with a solution to help monetize content for people who need this kind of service. The new Recurring Payment solution is available with any paid WordPress plan and is easy to set up.

Setting up recurring payment has the following benefits:

  • Accept payment from visitors to your site.
  • Bill supporters automatically on a set schedule. Subscribers can cancel anytime they want.
  • Offer subscription options, site memberships, and monthly donations. This helps to grow fan base with exclusive content.
  • Integrate site with Stripe to process payments and collect funds.

How To Set Up Recurring Payments

Setting up recurring payments is easy. WordPress has partnered with Stripe and you can have this tool up and running on your site in minutes.

  1. Create Stripe Account

You will need a Stripe Account to start offering this service to your users. Go to your earn page and click Connect Stripe to get started.


  1. Put A Recurring Payment Button

Recurring payments service uses the powerful block editor. To start collecting, go to a page on your website and click the + button to add a new block and insert a Recurring Payments button.



  1. Customize Your Details

You can add any payment plan you want and in different currencies too. You can also customize frequency, names of different subscriptions and other details.


You can also choose any of your previous plans when adding a new button.

You have now successfully set up Recurring Payments and your fans can now subscribe or donate to your blog.

Advantage Of Recurring Payments

Recurring payments is more than just additional income. While it can turn content into revenue, you can also accept donations from your readers. Additionally, it can also:

  • Sell access to members only content.
  • Collect club membership dues automatically.
  • Let fans support your next project.

Recurring Payments makes it easier for your visitors to support your website. Subscribers can also use the same payment information and manage their subscriptions all in one place; all they need is a WordPress account.

During the checkout process, they need to input their email address. If they already have a WordPress account, the system will automatically recognize this and associate the payment with that account.

If they don’t have an account, WordPress can create one for them. Once the purchase is completed they will receive info for login details for their new account.

This transaction is between the website and the subscriber. WordPress only facilitates the processing and management of the subscription. They don’t save user’s data such as credit card information. All of this is stored by Stripe so that the charges can be renewed automatically.

Recurring Payments can make your life easier and more profitable as a content creator. WordPress Designers in Sydney can help you create a website that is mobile and SEO friendly, responsive and secure.

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