WordPressiv Process


How We work with you to build an impressive website.


Our 30-day website process makes our clients satisfied and happy

WordPressiv understands how significant to have your website set up fast which drives us to develop our impressive process to make sure that you can have your website running within 30 days.


Phase 1 Initial Discussion

We are happy to hear from you and listen about your business and your goals; we also encourage any question that you may have.


Contact us through:

Phone: Call 02 8006 5120 and our friendly team is ready to answer you

Email: You can send us email through chat [at] creativ.com.au

You can also reach us by clicking here where you will be given a briefing form to give us understanding of what you want.

You can also visit us by calling us to arrange a comprehensive 30-minute consultation/meeting free of any charges.


Phase 2 Planning and Getting Started with your Website

  1. Choose and purchase WordPressiv Website pack – You can purchase your selected WordPressiv Pack by paying directly through bank transfer or any major credit card. You may also want us to to issue an invoice for your payment through EFT.
  1. Fill in Order Form online – When you have bought your WordPressiv Pack, kindly fill in online order form for payment by credit card .  It includes your monthly security, hosting, and support charges which commences at the beginning of the following month stipulated at the agreement form. Read our terms and condition by clicking here.
  1. Schedule a Website Planning Call – We will arrange a planning call to discuss your website ideas. With this crucial and important conference, our trusted and experienced team will be working with you for:
  • Deeper understanding about your business, your goals, and your requirements.
  • Selecting the best WordPressiv theme that fits your business and website.
  • Planning how your website appears which includes choosing the right colours and fonts.
  • Designing the framework and navigation of your website.
  • Creating relevant content for your website which includes the graphics, documents, and logos.

Our team will also be giving you some recommendations from your requests during the conference.

  1. Give us your content and business details within 7 days – This is important before we begin building your website:
  • SEO details through our SEO Form
  • Email details through our Email Form
  • The Text, graphics and images we will be using in building our website such as logos, pictures, and PDFs

We commit to our 30-day schedule so we encourage our clients to submit the information we need in 7 days.  You will need to provide us with your selected design, text and image content to be included in the website.  This is requested in 7 days to keep our commitment to a fast delivery.  Within the packages we only accept a single content submission which is to be the final content of the website, additional revisions to content will be extra cost.

You should also submit images for the website, we include the purchase of up to 2 stock images per page of the website.  If you require additional images they can be purchased as Extras.

Phase 3. Building your Website

When we have the information we require from you, including SEO and email information and your content, and then we shall start building your website.

  1. We build your website in 7 days – We shall design and create your website on the basis of the content you have provided us. When this is accomplished, we will be giving you a link to preview your website. We commit to a 7-day schedule to design and create your website ready for your preview.


Phase 4.  Reviews and Finalisation of your Website

  1. On the third week, you will need to go through and review your site and give us your detailed feedback within 7 days. This time frame from you is keeping up with our commitment of 30-day schedule.
  2. We shall craft the concluding adjustments within a few days based on your detailed feedback and other needs. Give us at least two days to finish all these final adjustments and tasks.


Phase 5. Getting your Approval and Launching your Website!

  • Getting your approval for the website -When you have fully paid the additional invoices and checked on the changes that we have made according to your feedback and requests, we shall be asking for your approval within 2 days. If there are other changes that need to be done or missed, we will fix them without extra charges.  But if there are other changes after, you will be charges a fee for every set of changes. We will be requiring your approval within 2 days to keep us within the 30-day commitment.
  • Paying the additional invoices – Additional invoices will be made to you for the extra like additional web pages and reserve images needed while building your website. You can pay through direct bank transfer or any major credit card. Or, you can request to issue the invoice where you can pay through EFT. The payment is needed before launching your website.
  • Launching your website within 2 days – When the payment is completed, we shall migrate your site to the live server, go through out point checklist, and finally, launch your website! The launching of your website will be between 1 and 2 days depending on the DNS.
  • Conducting training – We will provide you instructions and training documentation to instruct and guide you on how to manage your new WordPressiv website. This training aims at giving you confidence to expand your website and be successful on your online business.
  • Loosen up and just relax – because WordPressiv will continue to host and support your new live website!