WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is the one of the most widely used content management systems (CMS) and open-source platforms. It then shouldn’t be a surprise that even you should consider promoting your products and services online via a WordPress site. Despite its free for all quality and easy to use interface, WordPress still requires some form of customisation in its web design and development. From coding to WordPress web design, WordPressiv is well-versed in the system. But even with an up and running site that has the potential to generate a massive flow of user-generated traffic, your WordPress website can fail at reaching a higher ranking in searches. An often overlooked aspect of WordPress development Sydney is your ability to sustain your site. Maintenance is just as important as the site customisation itself.

Site Monitoring

Nothing is more irritating or disappointing to a visitor than discovering that your site is down. You may not have even noticed it yourself. WordPressiv will not only update you immediately but will also offer what it can to get it back and running online. WordPress maintenance by the company also includes a rigid security process where scans for any detected viruses or malware on your site is done on a regular basis. The last thing you want is for a hacker to get a hold of your site. WordPressiv with its security measures will keep delinquents out of your site and your potential clients safe from any exploitation by other users, thus keeping the reliability and credibility of your site.

Database Protection

Although overlooked by many site owners, WordPressiv recognises the importance of a database backup. WordPress maintenance includes scheduled backups depending on the agreement of the client. Also, it becomes easier to return to any previous versions of your website if you continue to store backup files of it. Another form of WordPress maintenance can come as the optimisation of your site. Your company’s website must be working properly all the time. Each post on your site that is rich with WordPress SEO needs to be at its optimum in order to generate more user traffic and then increase your site in Google searches. Updates on the latest anti-malware system are also integrated into your site in order to protect both content and the site itself.

WordPressiv can guarantee maintenance to go hand in hand with their site customisations and developments. Your site out in the open is an easy prey for hackers, malware, bugs and viruses alike. Therefore, consider WordPress maintenance for your blooming site and place a lock on your intellectual property. WordPressiv and its team of WordPress experts is your line of defence against any negative elements.

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