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27 Jun Helpful Tips To Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

As we all know, WordPress is a popular CMS that powers approximately 30% of websites all over the world. However, as WordPress grows in popularity many hackers are also taking note and are beginning to target WordPress sites.

No matter what type of content you produce or products you sell, you have to take steps to protect your site. Like everything related to technology, you need to take care of security.

Here are some of the best tips to keep your WordPress site secure.

Choose A Good Hosting Company

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your site secure is to choose a hosting company that provides multiple layers of security.

It’s tempting to sign up with a cheap hosting company but it can end up badly for you down the road. Paying more can mean additional security layers. Going for a company that specializes in WordPress hosting is even better and can help speed up your website.

Don’t Use Nulled Themes

WordPress Premium Themes do not only look professional, they are also coded by some of the best programmers and have passed WordPress’ checklist right off the box. There are no restrictions on how you can customize these themes and you also get full support if something goes wrong with your site.

A nulled theme on the other hand is a cracked or nulled version of a premium theme. This is very dangerous since nulled themes could contain malicious codes which can make you vulnerable to hackers.

Use A WordPress Security Plugin

It can be time consuming to check your WordPress site regularly for malware and unless you update your knowledge of coding practices, you might not realize that you’re already looking at malware written into your code. Fortunately, WordPress developers have plugins.

A security plugin can take care of your site security, scan for malware, monitor it 24/7 and regularly check what’s happening to your site. Try

Use Strong Password

Passwords are some of the most overlooked site security feature. If you use “1234abc”, “123password” or something similar, change it immediately. These passwords are easy to remember and also easy to guess.

This is why it’s important to use a complex password with special characters and numbers.

Install SSL Certificate

Single Socket Layers or SSL can make your website secure for specific transactions like payment processing. Nowadays Google has recognized its important and gives sites with SSL certificates a more prominent place in SERPs.

SSL is also mandatory for sites that handle sensitive information like credit card details and passwords. Without an SSL certificate between the user’s web browser and the site’s server, information is delivered in plain text which makes it vulnerable to hackers. An SSL certificate encrypts this information making it difficult to read.

WordPress security is crucial for your website. If you don’t maintain security, hackers can access your site, its contents and information. Maintaining security is easy and in some instances can be done without spending money.

A WordPress developer in Sydney can help you sort out security details for your WordPress site.

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