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13 Apr Latest News about WordPress Development that you Should Know

WordPress development services continue to find ways to create responsive and functional websites that respond and satisfy the needs of customers. Find out what’s the latest news about WordPress.

WordPress development launches new updates from WordPress community include the launching of iOS for 5.0 version and the release of 4.2.2 security and maintenance called as critical security release. WordPress 4.2.2 can now be downloaded. It responds to two major security issues.

With the new WordPress 4.2.2 version, it gives the following advantages:

  • It provides security to genericons icon font package. The icons are used in several famous themes and plugins. With version 4.2.2, it checks WordPres content directory and examines it to find for HTML file. Any file is susceptible to cross-site scripting assault and WordPress security version 4.2.2 checks and clear it.
  • It prevents cross-site scripting susceptibility. Previous versions of WordPress are influenced with cross-site susceptibility. This allows anybody to permit damage with the website’s security. The new version 4.2.2 is considered as a long lasting solution to prevent anybody to destroy your website – unsuspectingly.

The new security version also fixes 13 bugs from previous version 4.2. It also extends security to cross-site scripting susceptibility which are connected with using visual editor. To protect your website, we are recommending the download of WordPress 4.2.2.

WordPress 5.0 version for iOS

WordPress 5.0 version is a diversified authentication. It offers two-factor authentication function where remembering password apps are no longer needed. This new WordPress update for iOS is compatible with physical token like card for login.

This new 5.0 version is a multifactor authentication. This is recommended for systems or networks with sensitive data which are stored in the server. It contains more than two independent credentials and secures transactions. It has new statistics section and “bug fixes” category. The new stats section, the user can publish data on the stats section on the blog. Users can view posts and pages on the details screen. Another feature added is bug fixes that help fix bugs and improves notifications.

WordPress Plugin Removed

Facebook removed its WordPress plugin which was launched in 2012 and was installed on more than 200,000 sites. Facebook officials did not make any announcement or explain the reason why it had to be removed. Since it was removed last year and until now, questions were left unanswered.

It was recalled that “Facebook for WordPress” was a tool that assisted web developers to allow social plugins into the sites. Plugins were unsupported by Facebook but the sites were maintained by developers’ community until now.

WordPress is getting to be complex every time it has updates. But these updates aimed at helping website owners to meet the demands and needs of their customers and target readers. Experts recommend hiring professional WordPress developers to design, create, improve, and maintain websites to keep it functional and secure.

WordPressiv has a team of professional and reliable web developers that offer WordPress development services and maintenance. They are updated with the latest WordPress features and functions.

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