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17 Oct Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Any Website

Plugins are basically components that can be added into the WordPress core. They can be downloaded and installed directly so that you can access additional functions. For example, Scuri can scan your website for malware while Contact 7 helps with sign up forms.

If you have a WordPress website, you might need some of these plugins for better functionality.



Relevanssi replaces the standard WordPress function with an improved search engine. Using this plugin can help users find documents by one search term or a number of words. It also indexes short code contents custom taxonomies and post type. Users can also use filter hook to disable post title and post content indexing.

Relevanssi also features an advanced filtering option to help users hack search results the way they want and search throttling to improve performance on large databases.



Jetpack was created by the parent company of WordPress and it can help boost your website’s traffic, security and user engagement.

Jetpack stops hacking, reduces downtime and recover data by providing monitoring of uptime and downtime, protection aginst brute-force attacks, two-factor authentication secure logins.

It also has an SEO feature. Jetpack analyses stats of your website andhas auto-sharing feature on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.


Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular plugins in WordPress. Almost everybody has Yoast because it take care of your website’s SEO by taking over the technical operation and chooses a focus keyword when you post an article.

Some of Yoast SEO’s most important features include:

  • Page analysis to check if you have images have an alt tag that contains a focus keyword in your post.
  • It tells you if your post is long enough, have a meta description and if you’ve used the focus keyword.
  • Enables permalink, insert meta tags and links images for Google searches.
  • Edit WordPress blog’s robots.txt and .htaccess file with the help of the plugin’s built-in file editor.
  • It’s multi-site compatible and
  • Use built-in import functionality to import titles and descriptions from other WordPress SEO plugins.



UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular backup plugin in WordPress and has a rating of  4.8 stars out of 5. Important features include backing up into cloud like DropBox, Google Drive, RackSpace and more. You can also use this to schedule automatic backups, duplicate site into new locations, quick restore for both database and files, control backups from each site remotely, restore backup sets from other plugins and the premium version can encrypt database backups.


Revive Old Post  

Bloggers love Revive Old Post because you don’t want old post to go to waste. Bloggers know that it is important to constantly release new content but republishing old content is also a good way of ensuring that past work does not go to waste.

Revive Old Post helps users to keep their old posts alive by automatically sharing old content to drive content from social media. Users can set the number of post and sharing interval so that you have complete control of what you are sharing.

This is the first post in a series of 2. Tune in on our next post to find out other plugins you need to install to your WordPress site.

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