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02 Apr WordPress Plugins For Covid-19 Awareness

A new virus has taken over the world. Fortunately for the internet, it’s not the kind that infects computers; but unfortunately for humans, it’s the kind that has killed over 47,000 people so far.

The Corona Virus Disease originated in China but is currently on a world tour. Many people are infected and the numbers continue to rise. In these uncertain times, the right information can help keep us safe. Distinguishing fake news from facts is important and a WordPress plugin can help you do this.

If you have a WordPress website and want to raise awareness of Covid-19 or just want to monitor statistics and news, here are a few Covid-19 plugins you can consider.

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Banner

covid19 banner


Do you need to display a notice regarding the virus? If so, the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Banner could be a good option.

This is a simple plugin that allows website owners to add a Covid-19 banner to their website.  The plugin from Orchestrated is free and does not compete with more full-featured “banner” plugins. Instead it provides a stop-gap solution and informs guests of the situation easily.

Corona Virus Data

Corona virus data


Corona Virus Data by Duke Yin displays the Coronavirus case data of the whole world and country you want in your WordPress post or page.

You can easily see numbers like how many people are infected, have died or have recovered by selecting the country or region you want.

Corona Update

corona update

Show corona current cases and more information about COVID-19 on your website using the Corona Update plugin by ThemeLocks. See information like: cases, today’s cases, deaths, today’s deaths, recovered, and critical in a condensed and easily understood format.

Other features include:

  • Corona World Live Statistic Update
  • Live Statistic WordPress Widgets Support
  • Live Statistic WordPress Shortcode Support
  • Live Statistic WordPress Elementor Support
  • Corona Awareness Popup
  • Compatibility with wordpress 5.4+

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update Your Customers

corona virus case update customers


Update customers easily with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update Your Customers by Devign Studios Ltd. It displays a simple badge on your websites that customers or visitors can click . Once they click the badge, it displays a message so your customers and guests are informed on how your business has been affected by the pandemic.

Corona Awareness Popup



Corona Awareness Popup by eLEOPARD Design Studios is a very simple plugin that can be used to raise awareness against the deadly Corona (COVID-19) virus spreading throughout the world.

Website owners can show the information related to the symptoms of the disease, and the steps that can be taken to prevent it. Additionally, there is a button that can redirect users to the WHO website or another post/page in the website itself.

Wrap Up

The right information can help businesses, individuals and countries make the right decisions. As the whole world grapples to contain and eliminate the virus, having the right information at your fingertips can help save lives. Hopefully, these plugins will make it easier for you and your users to get the right information regarding Covid-19.

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