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14 Apr WordPress SEO: An Element that Helps Increase Rankings

You need professional WordPress developers who know and understand well how search engines work; they offer quality WordPress SEO services that will bring your site to higher rankings.

If you are planning to build website using WordPress platform, you may have heard about WordPress SEO and want to learn more about it. By now, you may know the relevance of search engine optimization or SEO to increasing traffic to your WordPress website.

There are many tips that you will find on how to develop good content. Today, content is still considered as king, but there more rules that were established that tell us what is good and what is not. When users are not updated with the latest news and rules, there are high risks of being penalised or underreported by SERP in leading search engines.

Understanding the difference between spam and articulate writing is necessary if you are planning to go online. Developing interesting WordPress SEO writing attracts more readers but spam irritates the readers. That’s the way it is. Top search engines such as Google, Bing, and other search engines, dictate if you are writing that follow their standards. If not, they will label your writing as spam.

In short, always remember that search engine standards and norms determine the quality of your WordPress SEO content. To generate good results, always remember the following standards:

  • A good content contains 300 to 500 words minimum for every page. The longer content, the better. Shorter content are hard to find, especially when you are challenging with sites that contain longer text.
  • Search engines are astute and smart. They can tell whether the content is “useful” or “quality” and they decide that “useful” is better compared to “quality.” In business, customers prefer “useful” content than “good writing.”
  • This is 2015 and the net is no longer an amateur thing. Grammatical and spelling errors are not accepted anymore. When there are no errors, a “quality signal” is brought to the search engines. Not all websites is excellent, not even the most popular and respected authority websites, and therefore there are some errors in them. But if most of the words are not spelled correctly, or if there are many grammar errors, search engines will likely not support the content.
  • These days, outbound links are big issues. Search engines are more sophisticated nowadays and they can spot why you are linking out to particular sites. They can distinguish “relevancy” where they compensate relevant outbound links while penalise or disregard “unrelated” links.
  • In some recent years, it was a standard procedure in news and academic materials to put references and resources. However, most of WordPress sites were inclined to talk in generics. They do not provide basic details such as who, where, what, how and why. Authoritative sources are valued and famous news websites such as Google News and PR web-sponsored press releases obtain high rankings compared to other websites.
  • Search engines can easily detect “spun” content. “Spun” articles are autogenerated and it does not any sense logically. Generally, the sentence is based on sentence that uses basic thesaurus materials. Search engines penalise spun content or copying poor writing style.
  • Keyword stuffing is now considered as “black hat” style and therefore, is not anymore allowed. This method is use a word or phrases that are used repeatedly more than 1% of keyword density. Unnecessary and excessive use of keywords is penalised. Some keywords such as “better strategies for SEO” are not to be used as adjective. When you use it as, “Are you looking for better strategies for SEO marketing?” will be considered as unnatural phrase and will send red flag to search engines.
  • Websites such as Google are candid. When the user does not provide anything new on the topic from the text, or if the user is giving an information using thesaurus or encyclopedia website, the content will be placed on low rankings.

Those are major highlights in       quality SEO writing which should be our benchmark for WordPress SEO. You are born with it but it is something that you can learn. Or, if you are not confident that you can do it right, you can hire the services of a professional writer who knows well about SEO best practices to avoid being penalised and receive high rankings.

WordPressiv is Sydney-based professional WordPress developers who offer quality WordPress SEO services. They will work closely with you in designing and building your WordPress website that are functional and secured. They will give professional advices on SEO requirements and produce “useful” and relevant content.

We want to be part of your journey in creating, improving, and maintaining your WordPress websites. Your online success is our trophy. Contact us for free consultation. We will be very happy to hear from you.

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