17 Jan Headless WordPress: What Is It?

There are many reasons why many people prefer to use WordPress for their websites. Among the best reasons are flexibility and ease-of-use. These characteristics are key to the rise in the “headless” WordPress trend.

What is Headless WordPress?

Headless WordPress is just like any other WordPress installation. You use the same installer and even use the same dashboard. The main difference is that you aren’t depending on WordPress to display the public-facing front end of your website. This means you are using the front end editor to create content but use external application for output. The content you’re creating is meant to be posted somewhere else for instance:

  • Apps
  • Progressive web application that use Javascript libraries like React.
  • Static websites


Drupal is another CMS application that can go headless. Another term for the headless design is Decoupled architecture.

There are advantages to using headless WordPress. First of all, it allows content creators to use a familiar tool. They can use WordPress as usual without disruption to their normal workflow.

It is also very flexible. For example, you can use it on multiple apps that need the same content or perhaps you can use the same content in different platforms like static websites and apps.

Content Management System

Headless WordPress installs separate content from designs so redesigns are easier. Designers don’t need to use another WordPress account while the new design is being created. Therefore there are no worries when it comes to shuffling content from the production version of the site to development. Aside from this, users can also benefit from better security and performance.

Why Is It Becoming Popular?

Headless WordPress is becoming popular because it allows designers to experiment with out-of-the-box, modern, exciting layouts without having to rewrite their CMS. It is a good way to future-proof designs.

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