15 Apr WordPress Design: A Better Choice to Start Online

WordPress design has always been the choice of millions of online users because of it is easy to customise and features are user-friendly. Discover why WordPress is the choice of millions.

Financial experts said that having a lot of options to choose from can be an overwhelming experience. It needs a lot of effort and high stress in making sound decision. WordPress is not an exemption. It has unlimited choices for themes and it continues to create more themes and WordPress design that meet the needs of growing online community. And when you are faced with plenty of options and you need to choose, it is good to know precisely what you need.

With this article, we hope to give you some helpful tips on the most important things to consider when you have to choose the right WordPress theme. A significant question to start with: Is it worth purchasing a WordPress premium theme or just use free theme?

On Price: WordPress Premium Themes against Free themes

Some years ago, how much you pay for a theme shows quality. Free themes were usually coded badly. As the years pass by and there are a lot of global online competitions, WordPress developers built thousands of amazing free themes and WordPress designs to choose from.

Benefits from Premium Themes:

  • It offers more updates. WordPress users worldwide know that premium themes are updated most of the time to meet the global community needs, especially on issues of security measures.
  • It is unique. WordPress designs and themes are famous and thousands generally choose free premium themes. But premium themes are less common which stands out on the web communities.
  • It offers better documentation. Most of WordPress premium themes are characterized with detailed PDF which gives instructions on how to optimise your website. This function is not usually found in most of free themes.
  • It offers continued support system. WordPress developers for premium themes provides excellent support, usually a mixture of public forum, email ticketing features, and live chat.
  • It provides no attribution links. Most of WordPress free themes need a link to be displayed at the footer to acknowledge the author of the theme. Although these attribution links are less frequent these days, with premium themes, you are assured that there will be no acknowledgment links.

Downsides of WordPress Premium Themes

  • Premium these are a bit pricey, ranging between $50 and $200.
  • Most of premium themes have their specific custom administration panel and different customisation features, which takes time to learn and set up.
  • Most of premium themes contain unnecessary features such portfolio manager and multiple slider plugins. These additional features may make the website handy, but these additional features usually inflate WordPress design.

Whether the theme is free of premium, the most important factor to find is the quality and support system that go with it. It should contain a quality code that can influence the platform, from security measures up to loading speed.

An easy way to measure quality is to read and listen to customers. If a particular WordPress theme contains a public support forum, check on the feedback and issues the customers are giving and watch the way theme developers respond to and resolve issues that are raised.

On Speed: Lightweight Against Feature-Filled Themes

Successful web users learned that fast page-loading speed provides better user experience of site and improves search engine rankings, conversion rates and therefore, sales revenues. Avoid choosing WordPress design and theme that have lethargic themes. Some of the reasons of sluggish site are characterised by:

  • Containing too heavy functions such as ten various sliders, twenty pre-installed plugins and plenty of JavaScript animation.
  • Plenty of huge file formats such as plenty of full-width photos, videos, and more.
  • Inferior coding from too heavy-scaled images up to inline CSS injection which can affect the performance of the theme, especially when the site has not been updated for a while.

This is where experienced WordPress developers come in. they can help in resolving technical issues where they are trained to do. WordPressiv developers are a team of experienced web developers who are qualified to build functional WordPress websites and do maintenance to make sure that your website continues to run perfectly.

On WordPress Design

The reason in developing the theme is to make websites look good and displays your products excellently. Choose a theme that supports cross-browser features and easy accessibility for better user experience.

On Compatibility to Different Devices

There are about more than 30% of web users who utilise devices such as mobiles and tablets to visit websites. Responsive themes are generally compatible to any devices. There are theme sellers that permit you to choose themes that do not support responsive theme features. It is good to know the different responsive themes.

On WordPress SEO

WordPress is known for being the most SEO-friendly content management system or CMS. However, there are many themes that give on-site SEO errors such as full-blown duplicated content, lack of header and alt tags, and URL errors. Choose themes that are supported by SEO optimised or SEO ready as described through the theme.

On Easy Customisation

Most of themes developed these days contain customisation dashboard which makes users change their styles sheets easily. Plugins like Visual Page Editor allows users to create complex page layouts without touching any code. If a theme contains a demo panel, then try to play it until you know how you can customise everything that you need to.

On Security

There are many factors that affect the website’s security, such as plugins, hosting, and the strength of password. Try to read customers’ feedback and comments about the security features of a website. Avoid themes that do not have customer reviews. Check themes on community sites such as ThemeForest, where all customer feedback and comments are placed by default. Successful web owners said that the more transparent a theme to disclose the truth about its features the better.


There is no perfect theme but there is one theme that is the right one for your purposes. But it does not mean that it has WordPress design that can provide you with excellent site. It is good to know more about WordPress themes but it can be very overwhelming. How do you know that the WordPress theme has a well-coded layout, contains the features that you need, and SEO-friendly?

How Can We Help?

WordPressiv is a team of professional and reliable WordPress web developers who have the expertise of building websites using WordPress platform. We can create the site that you need without worrying about the technical aspects. We help you decide on what WordPress design and theme is appropriate for your needs.

Get in touch now.

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